Angry Birds: Jogger Pouring Blood After Buzzard Attack

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These images show a jogger who was left with blood pouring down his neck after he was attacked twice by aggressive buzzards while out for a run.

Angelo Dragone, 41, was running in his hometown of Herselt, located in the Belgian province of Antwerp, when he was attacked twice by a highly aggressive buzzard.

When Dragone was running near the local pub, a buzzard suddenly attacked the sporty Belgian from behind.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/Facebook

Dragone said: “Suddenly I felt a hit on my head. Of course, you do not realise what is happening, but I saw the bird fly away.”

As his injuries were not so serious, Dragone decided to run a second lap when he suddenly was attacked again at almost the exact same spot.

He said: “Then came the second attack and it was much more severe. I directly felt that I had a wound on my head and it started to bleed seriously.

“The people who live nearby gave first aid and cleaned the wound and brought me back home.”

A startling photo picture shows Dragone with blood running down his neck from a wound above his left ear.

He said that injury was less serious than he thought at first when the blood came pouring out as the wound did not require stitching.

After the attack, the authorities of the Province of Antwerp warned its citizens that more such attacks might happen, saying they ah received more reports of attacks besides the one on Dragone.

A provincial spokesman said: “The buzzards persistently defend their offspring and can feign attacks to the head. Most of the times they attack people running or walking alone. It is expected that this behaviour of the buzzards can last until mid-July.”

Runners and hikers walking in nature were advised to wear hats or to put their sunglasses on the back of their head to prevent being attacked from behind.

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