Bears With Glowing Eyes And Waiting For Bus Cause Fears

Story ByBartosz StaszewskiSub Editor: Michael LeidigAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/@NadlesnictwoCisna

Brown bears that woke up from their winter hibernation in Poland early have frightened locals after one was filmed with glowing eyes approaching a homeowner in the darkness, while another was seen calmly waiting at a bus stop.

It is believed that the brown bears woke up from their winter slumber following a period of mild weather.

Forest officials in the village of Cisna in the south-eastern Polish region of Subcarpathian Voivodeship warned that the awakening bears are increasingly approaching built-up areas in search of food and could pose a threat.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@NadlesnictwoCisna

The local authorities recently posted two videos of social media which shows two brown bears. 

In one video a bear with its eyes glowing terrifyingly in the dark from man-made light is seen walking over the snow towards a home owner. In the second a bear is seen calmly waiting at a bus shelter where it is presumably foraging for food before running off as motorists pull up to watch.

In the clip filmed by a stunned motorist, the brown bear is seen running into a nearby forest.

Video Credit: CEN/@NadlesnictwoCisna

The video was accompanied by the message: “The impatient bear wrecked a rubbish bin while apparently waiting for a bus. This is a very bad sign, which suggests it is looking for food close to built-up areas. We advise people not to feed the bears.”

The other clip was filmed by a forester at night and shows a brown bear’s shining eyes as it walks onto the man’s porch.

The forester says: “Why have you come here? Go away, go away! Nobody wants you here!”

A spokesperson for the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Krosno said: “We appeal to visitors to not leave rubbish lying around in rest areas and car parks. Bears have recently been spotted rummaging through bins.”

According to the reports, there are over 200 brown bears in the region, mainly in the Bieszczady Mountains where 90 percent of the bear population in Poland is to be found.