Bus Passengers Fail In Bid To Lift Bus From Crushed OAP

Story ByJohn FengSub Editor: Conor Sheils, AgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment desperate commuters battle in vain to lift a bus off an elderly woman trapped underneath before three lorry jacks are used to finally raise it.

The unnamed pensioner became lodged under the vehicle when she was run over at a zebra crossing in the city of Wenshan in China’s south-western Yunnan Province.

Harrowing footage shows scores of commuters frantically trying to push the bus over in a desperate to save the woman’s life.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Moment earlier, CCTV video shows the early morning commuter bus knocking down the pensioner as she walked across the road at 7:55am local time on 14th March.

The woman became trapped beneath one of the buses giant wheels and more than two dozen people rushed to her aid.

Mobile phone footage shows panicking rescuers – young and old and men and women – trying in vain to push the bus on its side.

Only when three lorry jacks were found and used did it allow passers-by to pull the woman out from under the bus’s wheel.

She was put on a stretcher and rushed to hospital once ambulance crews arrived.

However, reports said she sadly died of her injuries shortly afterwards.

It is unclear whether the driver of the crash was detained following the accident.

He Yunnan, deputy head of the Wenshan Public Transport Group which operates the bus, said the firm is already dealing with the victim’s family in the aftermath of the crash.

The firm has launched an investigation into the incident, although the exact cause of the accident is unclear.