Young Girl, 11, Raped And Murdered By Evil Stepdad Who Stabbed Her Over 20 Times When She Tried To Report Him

A girl aged just 11 was raped before being stabbed 20 times and killed by her stepfather.

The victim, named only as Mirella in most local media reports, but who has also been named as Myrella Eloiza da Costa Lima by local media outlet No Amazonas E Assim, was just 11 years old when she was raped and murdered, allegedly by her 28-year-old stepfather, who has been named as Antonio Sirlande Coelho da Silva.

The incident took place in the municipality of Eirunepe, which is located in the western Brazilian state of Amazonas, according to local media outlet Em Tempo, who report that the victim was raped and then murdered with over 20 stab wounds to her body and neck.

Myrella Eloiza da Costa Lima (11) who was sexually abused and killed with more than 20 stab wounds in Eirunepe, Brazil in November 2021. ( Newsflash)

The crime is said to have taken place at the girl’s home, where she lived with her mother and the suspect. Em Tempo have reported that the young girl had been the victim of sexual abuse for some time before she was murdered.

The suspect reportedly attempted to take his own life after allegedly murdering his stepdaughter, stabbing himself in the stomach twice. But he was attended to and taken to hospital where he underwent surgery and is now recovering.

The young girl reportedly threatened to report the rapes to her family, which is when the suspect stabbed her over 20 times.

Myrella Eloiza da Costa Lima (11) who was sexually abused and killed with more than 20 stab wounds in Eirunepe, Brazil in November 2021. (Newsflash)

The victim was taken to hospital in a serious condition but succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead.

The police have said that after the suspect is discharged from hospital, which was reportedly mobbed by angry locals, he will be taken to the police station to be charged for crimes of femicide and rape on a vulnerable person.

The mayor of Eirunepe, Raylan Barroso, took to social media to deplore the young girl’s death, saying that she had been friends with his own daughter and often came over to his house. He said that Mirella had always been very polite and that his own daughter is devastated by her friend’s death.

The knife used in the murder of Myrella Eloiza da Costa Lima (11) in Eirunepe, Brazil in November 2021. (Newsflash)

Barroso added: “Eirunepe is mourning the killing of a beautiful girl named Mirella who was brutally raped and murdered.

“As a father, I am heartbroken, especially when I told my 10-year-old daughter Raissa and saw her in tears, not wanting to believe it, with her asking me to tell her it was a lie, as they were very good friends.

“Mirella was always sweet and polite and frequented our residence where she played with my daughter and my nephews Arthur and David, now this, unfortunately, will no longer be possible.

Antonio Sirlande Coelho da Silva (left) in a photo with the mother (right) of Myrella Eloiza da Costa Lima (11) who was sexually abused and killed in Eirunepe, Brazil in November 2021. (Newsflash)

“I will not do pre-judgment, but wish for you Mirella, that God may receive you and keep you in a good place, because your laughs, playing on the swing, running in the backyard and other things beside my daughter and nephews will never will be forgotten. Rest in Peace.”

It is currently unclear if the suspect has been formally charged.