Young Boy Trapped In Washing Machine Bites Rescuer

Story ByJohn FengSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a fireman lets a frightened young boy bite his arm for comfort while rescuers free the tot after he was trapped in a washing machine.

The three-year-old from the city of Linyi in China’s eastern province of Shandong climbed into the appliance for fun but quickly found himself stuck inside.

The fire service had to send two fire engines and 14 firefighters to his home in order to assistance in the rescue on 11th May.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Footage of the operation shows rescuers doing their best to calm the tot down as others slowly take apart and dismantle the two-in-one washing machine and spin dryer combo unit.

As they dismantle the plastic housing, the frightened and crying boy bites onto a fireman’s arm.

However, the rescuer does not budge and lets the child chomp down on his limb.

When his mum reminds him that he is hurting the fireman, the adorable tot says: “OK, fine. I won’t bite him any more.”

The firemen were able to take apart the dryer in which the toddler was stuck in about 30 minutes, ripping apart the plastic appliance using scissors and a meat cleaver, amongst other tools.

In the video, the rescuers rip the appliance apart and the child is lifted out.

The boy was fortunately not injured and did not require hospital treatment.