Drs Find Bloodsucking Leeches Inside Nosebleed Mans Nose

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This is the moment a doctor removes a bloodsucking leech from a man’s nose after they found two parasites feasting on his nasal canal when he turned up at hospital following 10 days of nosebleeds.

The patient, surnamed Cao, sought the help of ENT specialist Zhou Fucui after complaining of chronic nosebleeds for the past 10 days – a result of the leeches secretly feasting inside his face.

The native of the city of Hezhou, which is in China’s southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is a citrus farmer who has a habit of drinking uncooked water.

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Doctor Zhou, who is head otolaryngologist at Guangji Hospital, inspected the patient with an endoscope and discovered the two leeches living in his nasal passage.

The parasites were able to hide themselves in the narrow space, making it difficult for the medic to retrieve.

She anaesthetised the parasites, the largest of which measured 5 centimetres (2 inches), and retrieved both using forceps.

She did not reveal how the live specimens were disposed of.

Cao revealed he had washed his hands and face with uncooked water and drunk it too while visiting his citrus farm.

Doctor Zhou said: “Uncooked water often contains leech eggs which are not visible to the naked eye.

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“Leeches are very hardy, so it’s easy for them to survive in the human body.”

In February, doctors in south-western Sichuan Province found that a 4-inch leech had hatched and lived in a 60-year-old man’s throat for two months – also the result of drinking uncooked water.