Young Afghan Woman Who Refused To Wear Hijab And Had A Boyfriend Murdered By Brothers For Dishonouring Family

Story By: Georgina Jadikovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

The German police have arrested two men after they reportedly murdered their sister for dishonouring their family by refusing to wear the hijab and getting a boyfriend after she was divorced.

Afghan native Maryam H., 34, who lived in the city of Berlin in Germany, was found dead and buried in a hole located 550 kilometres (310 miles) away from her home in the Bavarian town of Holzkirchen on Thursday, 5th August.

The Berlin Public Prosecutor charged her two brothers Seyed H., 22, and Sayed H., 25, with murder on Friday (6th August), as according to investigators the suspects killed their sister because she rejected continuing to follow Islamic traditions and moral values.

The young mother of a nine-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son moved with her family to Germany from Afghanistan after they applied for asylum in 2013.

However, after years of suffering domestic violence, she refused wear a headscarf and also decided to divorce her husband as was her right under German law in 2017.

The bitter man who could not cope with the divorce took her children and moved to a refugee shelter two years ago.

However, her two brothers Seyed H. and Sayed H., who also lived in Germany for a couple of years and found her behaviour unacceptable, started trying to discipline her as in their opinion she had “dishonoured their family.”

An acquaintance of Maryam reported that the two men became violent towards their sister and added: “She was always very scared since her divorce.”

According to local media, Seyed and Sayed’s rage towards the 34-year-old woman then go out of control after they learned she was dating somebody new.

The two men then allegedly killed their sister, before placing her body in a suitcase and transporting it to the Bavarian town of Neuburg an der Donau, where they buried it in a hole near a local forest on 13th July.

Shortly after, Maryam was reported missing by her boyfriend who also told the police about her issues with her brothers and ex-husband on 15th July.

Police investigators evaluated surveillance cameras at various train stations in the country before discovering video footage of Maryam’s brothers carrying a large suitcase in Berlin on 13th July.

Maryam’s body was found on Thursday near the town of Holzkirchen about 20 kilometres (13 miles) away from the village of Nordheim near Donauworth, where Sayed H. lived.

The brothers were arrested on Friday afternoon after an autopsy showed that the dead person was indeed Maryam.

According to Bild, Sayed H.’s wife led officers to the hole where Maryam was buried.

A spokesman for the German public prosecutor said: “The suspects brought the body to the older brother’s place of residence in Bavaria and buried it there.”

Police did not reveal any details about how Maryam was killed.