Widow Fighting Cancer Beaten And Raped By Neighbour

Story By: Angjela Trajkovska, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A man was been arrested for attacking and raping his neighbour who is a 57-year-old widow fighting uterine cancer and who has lost all of her hair.

Milanka Usljebrka had been about to go to bed in the village of Stari Banovci, near the town of Stara Pazova in northern Serbia’s Vojvodina Province, when she heard a noise.

Picture Credits: CEN

She said: “I was getting ready to go to sleep when I heard the door bang. I went into the hall and saw a man with a hood on his head and a hat.

“I didn’t even manage to say a word before he punched me in the head and threw me onto the floor. He hit me in the head and then he hit my head against the wall. I couldn’t breathe.”

After a number of blows, Ms Usljebrka realised the man, who she recognised as her 38-year-old neighbour, named by cops only as Aleksandar J., was trying to rape her.

She added: “I felt it when he put his penis inside me but I could do nothing. I begged him not to hurt my stomach or hit me on my wound where I had surgery.

“It lasted for about 15 minutes, but he didn’t say a word, probably so I couldn’t recognise his voice. I begged him not to kill me.”

Ms Usljebrka, who is fighting cancer of her womb and ovaries, said she immediately recognised the man but had no idea what sparked the attack.

“I never even looked at him in the wrong way, I don’t know why he did that to me,” she said.

Ms Usljebrka said she called an ambulance which took her to an emergency clinic where she said doctors were shocked at the extent of her injuries.

She later reported the attack to police and Aleksandar J. was arrested.

Ms Usljebrka, who has lived alone since the death of her husband, said she is due to undergo more chemotherapy treatment but is unsure whether doctors will allow it following the attack.

Aleksandar J., who reportedly has a similar conviction from about 15 years ago, faces multiple charges including rape. Local media reports claims he had fallen out with the brother of his victim’s late husband.