Worker Gives Man Kiss Of life Despite COVID Outbreak

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

Newsflash/Grupa LOTOS

This is the moment a heroic petrol pump attendant saves the life of a customer suffering a heart attack by removing his COVID face mask and giving him the kiss of life.

The incident took place at a Lotos petrol station in Wroclaw in Lower Silesia in western Poland as Hubert Chachula, who age is not reported, was working on the pumps.

In the video, Chachula can be seen standing with the customer when the man drops to the ground after reportedly suffering a heart attack.

The quick-thinking petrol station tells a colleague to call an ambulance before he places the man in the recovery position.

Newsflash/Grupa LOTOS

Chachula then reportedly noticed the man had problems breathing and so he performed CPR on him, ignoring fears of coronavirus to give the man the kiss of life.

He can be seen pumping on the man’s chest and checking his airways before giving the kiss of life repeatedly until an ambulance arrives at the scene.

A paramedic then takes over and Chachula puts his face mask back on.

The medics check on the man’s health as the pump attendant looks on. The customer is eventually placed onto a stretcher with Chachula’s help and taken away in the ambulance.

The attendant told local media: “At the time I wasn’t thinking about anything other than the need to save a life.”

Local media report his actions saved the customer’s life and the man had regained consciousness by the time the paramedics arrived.

The customer was found to be negative for coronavirus and the President of the Board of the Lotos petrol firm Pawel Jan Majewski said they wanted to pay tribute to Chachula.

Wojciech Weiss, President of the management board of Lotos Paliwa, said that the company would give Chachula a special award in recognition of his actions.

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