Beefy Actor Announces Date For Wedding To Sex Doll

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

The hunky actor who vowed to marry his sex doll after paying real plastic surgeons to enhance its appearance has now set a date for the couple’s big day.

Kazakh actor and bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko, who once told Newsflash that his ‘relationship’ with a sex doll is a “test for society”, has vowed to marry his inanimate other half on 27th March 2020.

Tolochko first encountered his sex doll partner a year ago, and he proudly announced: “On 27th March, we will become husband and wife.”

The smitten actor explained: “It was very important for me that the party took place on that date, World Theatre Day, and my baby supported me on this.”


During their one-year fling, Tolochko has posted numerous photos of the couple spending time together at the spa, beach and dining out together in fancy restaurants.

He proposed to his sex doll, named Margo, in December 2019 after presenting her with a big bouquet of roses and an engagement ring, and the latex lady apparently agreed.

When responding to criticism of their union, Tolochko said that haters just do not understand that there can be “other levels of relationships”.


He added: “I often read comments that Margo should not be able to replace living women. Why not? We are talking about completely different colours, emotions, and this is the whole trick.”

The actor revealed that he plans to look for a family home in the Kazakh cities of Almaty or Nur-Sultan after the couple ties the knot.

According to local media, the only requirements for a wedding to take place in Kazakhstan are that both consenting parties have to be male and female and over 18 years old.

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