Woodworker Severs 4 Fingers With Electric Saw

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These horrific images were taken after a young woodworker severed all four fingers on his right hand with an electric saw in a freak accident and doctors managed to sew them back on in a surgery lasting 13 hours.

The worker, who doctors said was in his early 20s, arrived in the emergency department of Fuyang People’s Hospital in East China’s Anhui Province clutching his injured hand and after 13 hours of surgery they managed to successfully reattach them.

Accompanied by his parents, the young worker revealed he had severed all four fingers on his right hand using an electric saw, leaving only his thumb intact.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The freak accident is believed to have happened while he was sawing through wood.

He was given priority status and was treated by orthopaedic surgeons He Wei and Mei Siwei.

“There was a lot of blood and all four of his fingers were severed from his hand,” Doctor He said.

In a microsurgery operation lasting some 13 hours throughout the night and into the following morning, Doctor He sewed the patient’s fingers back onto his hand and sutured them using thread that was “thinner than human hair”, the medic revealed.

And the worker still stands a chance to make a full recovery.

Doctor He said: “All four fingers have been saved, but there will need to be a period of physical therapy for him to regain function of the digits.”

Doctor Mei added: “In my career of over 10 years, I’ve not seen many cases like this.”

It is unclear how long the patient remained hospitalised.