Womens Rights Activists Body Hidden By Bro-In-Law And GF

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

The dismembered body of this young women’s rights activist has been found buried after four years, forcing her partner’s twin brother and his girlfriend to confess they hid her after she fell of a balcony during a row.

The death plunge that was reportedly an accident took place in the area known as Cercado de Lima in the Peruvian capital of Lima in the province with the same name in eastern Peru.

According to local media, Solsiret Rodriguez, 23, was seen last time by her partner’s brother Kevin Villanueva and his girlfriend Andrea Aguirre on 23rd August 2016.


According to local media, cops say Aguirre confessed she helped her partner Kevin Villanueva to dismember and hide the body after the victim fatally plunged off a fourth-floor during an argument.

Aguirre allegedly used the victim’s mobile phone after her death to send a message to Rodriguez’s partner Brian Villanueva, Kevin’s brother, implying that she was leaving him to travel.

Local media reported that Villanueva and Aguirre allegedly dismembered the body of the victim and hid the body parts in the house of Aguirre’s parents.


Solaire Rodriguez reportedly had two children at the time she disappeared although their ages are unknown.

The authorities are still looking for Brian Villanueva, who is the twin brother of Kevin Villanueva to inform him of the news.

Rosario Aybar the mother of Rodriguez told local media: “She is in the morgue now. We hope that they gather all the evidence soon so they can be judged.”

Reports claim Aybar and Rodriguez’s father Carlos Rodriguez started investigating the case themselves as they were not satisfied with the local authorities response.

A close friend of the victim named Kathe Soto told local media: “We have the indifference and inefficiency of the entire justice system. There has been a series of mistakes here that indicate vanished women are not important in this country.”

Kevin Villanueva and Andrea Aguirre are in custody and the case is ongoing.

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