Women Clobber 15 Puppies To Death With Pole

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the shocking moment two women suspected of beating a total of 15 puppies to death with a pole are filmed killing one of them as it howls in pain.

According to reports, the atrocity took place on the premises of the state-run NRS Medical College And Hospital in the city of Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, in the north-eastern Indian state of West Bengal.

The video was filmed by an onlooker and posted on social media where it sparked outrage.

Picture Credits: AsiaWire

In the short clip, two women are seen wearing gloves and brandishing a large pole.

As they clumsily clobber a poor dog, its frantic yelps ring out around the filthy courtyard.

At one point, the badly-injured dog tries to get away but is unable to get far and one of the women hands the pole to her colleague to finish off the job.

The woman brings the pole down on the animal’s head and it stops yelping.

According to local media, 17 puppies – 15 of them dead – and an adult dog were found tied in three bags in a car park. 

The body of the adult dog, with a nearly-gouged out eye, burst out of one of the bags and was spotted by local residents who then discovered the dead puppies.

The two surviving puppies were rushed to a nearby veterinary clinic.

Locals staged a protest outside the hospital and refused entry to a disposal van that arrived to take away the carcasses and demanded action against the perpetrators.

Bosses at the NRS Medical College and Hospital have vowed to look into the incident and they have already put together a three-person team dedicated to uncovering the culprits and their motive.

Meanwhile, the police have also confirmed that they are investigating the death of the 15 puppies and the dog on the hospital’s premises.

Reports said that the dead canines who all appear to have been killed in the same way were found in the afternoon of 13th January near a spot where gynaecological waste is dumped, and their bodies are currently being examined.

Kolkata deputy mayor of Atin Ghosh said that the perpetrators “will not go unpunished”.

Animal rights activist Debasree Roy commented: “I could never imagine in any nightmare that such a barbaric incident could take place.”

She demanded that the authorities enforce the “quickest and strictest punishment for those involved”.

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  1. Cattoo

    Doesn’t look like they have the means to feed fifteen hungry dogs in the neighborhood. Seems to be a mercy killing versus starving to death. Besides maybe it was dinner for a large family stew.

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