Woman Swallowed By Sudden Pavement Sinkhole

Story By:Scott FengSub-Editor:Joseph Golder,Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: Asia Wire

This is the moment a woman survives being swallowed by a large sinkhole that opens up in the pavement beneath her feet.

The unnamed woman can be seen walking along the bricked pavement when the ground beneath her feet suddenly gives way, causing her to disappear into the ground mere feet away from stunned witnesses.

CCTV cameras captured the accident on Ruide Avenue in Chengguan District in Lanzhou, capital city of China’s north-western province of Gansu.

The sinkhole measuring 9 square metres – roughly 96 square feet – appeared at roughly 6pm on 11th November as the woman approached a bus stop.

Security camera footage shows a number of people standing o the pavement ahead of the victim waiting for a bus when the bricks beneath the pedestrian’s feet sink into the ground.

Her entire body is swallowed into the hole and she appears to hit her head on the way down.

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Pictures Credit: Asia Wire

She is later seen half buried in mud but still conscious and calling for help.

Medics at the Affiliated Hospital of Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the woman is being treated, said she suffered two broken ribs during the accident.

Local authorities are investigating the incident and have yet to determine the cause of the sinkhole.

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