Uni Professors Bizarre Screaming Fit Over Police Fine

Video Credit: CEN

A university professor is suing cops after they shared a video on social media of her having a complete screaming meltdown at being fined for driving without a valid driving licence.

The woman, identified as Prof. Dr. Ozlem Atan Tarlaci, was stopped by police in the Balat area of the north-western Turkish city Istanbul.

In the video footage, the professor is seen screaming at the top of her voice directly into the face of a cop issuing her with a fine. She is also seen hitting the police car.

An officer says: “Do not shout like that, madam. Shouting does not change anything.”

However, the university teacher continues screaming as one officer turns and walks away.

The professor hits the patrol again and says: “God damn you.”

A cop says: “It is very inappropriate for a teacher like you to act this way.”

Meanwhile, a senior officer is heard instructing colleagues: “Okay, complete the procedure and release the lady.”

Following the incident, Professor Tarlaci said that she was on her way to an important meeting when she was pulled over.

She explained: “At one point, the traffic police asked to see my documents but they did not accept my driving license because it was damaged.”

When she noticed an officer filming her being fined, she said she “had a nervous breakdown”.

She added: “I then found out that the video was shared with local media, so I will be following this matter through the judicial system.”

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Picture Credit: CEN

Sibel Abdiu

I have worked as a correspondent covering news from Turkey and Albania for several years now.

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