Brazen Wrong-Way Rider Survives Skidding Lorry Crash

Story by:Scott Feng, Sub-Editor:Francis George, Agency:Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: Asia Wire

This is the moment a young woman rides her scooter the wrong way down a busy street and survives after she is struck head on by a lorry that skids as it tries to avoid her.

The incredible incident was captured by a driver’s dashcam in the city of Zhongshan in South China’s Guangdong Province.

The footage shows the dashcam driver travelling in the innermost lane when the woman, surnamed Wang, suddenly appears on the road ahead travelling against the flow of traffic.

The daring woman with no regard for traffic laws forces the dashcam owner to brake in the fast lane, and she then tries to go around his stopped car still against the flow of traffic.

She appears to notice the lorry driver Guo coming towards her as she tries to duck out the way but too late.

The footage shows Guo’s blue lorry skidding into view, crashing into the dashcam car as well as the female rider, who disappears from view under the lorry.

Picture Credits: Asia Wire

According to reports, the woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the crash and was taken to hospital for treatment.

The police are still looking into the case, with the woman expected to be 100 percent liable for causing the accident.