Woman Killed Rich Hubby And Masturbated With His Ashes

Story By: Les Steed, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A nurse is on trial for murdering her wealthy husband and digging up his ashes that she then stored in a pillow in her bed and on at least one occasion had masturbated over them.

A court in Munich has heard how the nurse, identified only as Ekatarina S. because of local privacy laws, 49, set about getting all of her 60-year-old husband’s assets under her control before she then poisoned him with insulin and morphine after sex in August 2018.

The victim, identified only as Dr Hans-Gottfried S., again because of local privacy laws, married the nurse in 2013 and the couple lived on a lake in Tegerness, in the Bavarian Alps, in Germany.


She denies murder, claiming that Hans-Gottfried committed suicide. She has also been charged with disturbing the peace of the dead over the theft of the ashes.

The prosecution provided evidence that over the years leading up to his death she had transferred her wealthy husband’s assets into her name and disinherited his three children, who were only left with a T-shirt, a shirt and an old motorbike.

He had owned several properties, a plot of land in Murnau, had a yacht and drove a Porsche, explained his ex-wife on the witness stand.


Upon acquiring all his assets she allegedly began a relationship with another wealthy man and plotted her husband’s murder, according to the indictment.

After having sex with her husband, the nurse allegedly gave her husband sleeping pills instead of his prescribed antidepressants. As he passed out she allegedly injected her non-diabetic victim with insulin several times.

When the husband still did not die she allegedly gave him morphine, which eventually killed him, and afterwards she allegedly masturbated alongside the dead body.


Investigators found that after he was cremated, she stole the urn containing his ashes which she kept in a pillow and that on at least one occasion she had also masturbated over the ashes.

The two-week trial is expected to conclude in November. The three children are named as plaintiffs in the case.

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