Mans Plan To Pimp Wife To Pay For Booze Backfires

Story By: Les Steed, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A poverty-stricken man who allegedly offered his wife to his brother-in-law “for comfort” in exchange for food, booze and school fees has now complained to the village chief after she left him for the new man who she said is a better lover.

The alleged ‘trade’ happened near the village of Zimunya in Manicaland Province in eastern Zimbabwe, and is now threatening to turn violent.

Daniel Masikati and Anthony Kabanda had married two sisters, however, Masikati’s wife died a few years later, leaving him lonely.


In the meantime, Kabanda and his wife, Tafadzwa Matura, hit hard times and were suffering from extreme poverty.

In a last-ditch move to get money, Kabanda allegedly called Masikati and offered to give him his wife for physical comfort between 10pm and 4am if he agreed to pay for their children’s school fees, groceries and alcohol.

However, the arrangement backfired and now his wife has left him for the brother-in-law, who she says she wants to spend the rest of her days with instead.


Tafadzwa told Karaganda TV that she was OK with the arrangement as Masikati was a good provider and a better lover than her husband, who she told the station is “a one-minute man”.

Kabanda, who now denies making the arrangement, later reportedly demanded a cow in addition to the financial support Masikati has continued to provide him, which got him cut off.

He now blames Masikati for using “dark magic” (juju) and “charms” to lure his wife, whom he now says is “of loose morals”.


Kabanda has vowed to fight to get his wife back and said the feud between them will “lead to a number of graves”, Iharare reports.

The matter has since been reported to Chief Zimunya, who is expected to give his ruling soon.

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