Woman Has Giant Ovarian Tumour Weighing 30 Kilogrammes Removed After Living With It For 10 Years

A woman has had a giant ovarian tumour weighing 30 kilogrammes removed after living with it for 10 years.

The footage and images show how the woman had the giant 30-kilogramme (66 lbs) tumour protruding from her abdomen.

In the video, a scan shows how the massive growth took up much of the space in her rib cage.

The 61-year-old woman, who has not been named but who is from Moscow, Russia, was rushed to hospital after she began to feel weak and was then found to be also suffering from anaemia.

Doctors immediately performed a CT scan on her and determined that she had a giant tumour measuring 42 by 43 centimetres (16.5 by 16.9 inches) on her right ovary.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the City Clinical Hospital named after V.V. Veresaev quoting experts as saying that any formations that are detected on ovaries during ultrasounds require dynamic observation and sometimes prompt surgical intervention.

Picture shows a giant ovarian tumor of unnamed patient woman, 61, at City Clinical Hospital named after. V.V. Veresaev, Moscow, Russia, undated. Surgeons removed it. (@gkbveresaeva/Newsflash)

The statement also said: “For example, the history of the patient with the 30-kilogramme tumour began 10 years ago when the formation was first detected (then only 4 centimetres in size). At that time, surgery could have been performed, but she was assured that the tumour would regress as her reproductive function diminished.

“However, a couple of years later, it had grown to 7 centimetres. Due to several reasons, the operation was not performed as planned several years ago, so urgent action was necessary.”

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The experts added: “Our clinic’s multidisciplinary team of specialists – the therapeutic service, radiology specialists, anaesthesiologists-reanimatologists, endoscopists, surgeons, gynaecologists – worked efficiently and cohesively, allowing the tumour to be successfully removed, providing the patient with a normal quality of life.”

The medics said that the woman will now undergo rehabilitation and will need to learn to walk again after spending over a year on her back due to the massive growth.

They added: “Rehabilitation lies ahead for her, as her leg and thigh muscles atrophied during the long months of being in a horizontal position.

Footage shows X-ray of giant ovarian tumor of unnamed patient woman, 61. At City Clinical Hospital named after. V.V. Veresaev, Moscow, Russia, undated. Surgeons removed it. (@gkbveresaeva/Newsflash)

“The woman had essentially lost the ability to walk, unable to stand. Now she is confidently on the road to recovery. In the future, the recurrence of the tumour is not a concern for her, as the uterus. The source of the organic component that could sustain the inflammatory process, has been removed. In the patient’s case, this was a justified step considering her age and medical history.”