Wild Horses Charge Woman In Street And Stomp Her To Death

Story By: Lee BullenSub-Editor:Jamie KingAgency:Asia Wire Report

A herd of wild horse muggers have been rounded up by cops after they attacked a greengrocer to steal her leafy vegetables and stomped her to death in the process.

The incident took place in the city of Mysore in the south-western Indian state of Karnataka when the woman was walking along a road carrying a basket of vegetables.

Picture Credits: AsiaWire/@LMiltonTOI & AsiaWire

The 55-year-old greengrocer, identified only by the name Parvathamma, was reportedly charged by the herd of feral horses with an eyewitness saying that some of the horses trampled on the fallen woman’s head.

According to local media, Parvathamma was left with a bloodied head and face and died on the spot soon after being attacked by at least five horses.

She managed to call for her son who alerted the police before she took her final breath by the side of the road.

The woman’s family now have her body to lay to rest, but they have not registered a complaint of any kind with the local authorities.

According to residents, Parvathamma had been selling fruit and veg in the area for a long time.

Following the woman’s death, the local authorities rounded up the wild horses and relocated them in an animal centre.

An unnamed local official said that the incident will be discussed in a council meeting with the aim of providing financial support to Parvathamma’s family.

Last week, a young was reportedly bitten by a feral horse in the same city and was hospitalised.