Viral:Moving Moment Fireman Plays Violin For 3 Dead Pals

Story ByJana Tomovska, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@paolo.sterzi.507

This is the viral moment an Italian fireman plays ‘Ave Maria’ on the violin in honour of three of his colleagues who died in an explosion a few days ago and whose funeral it is today.

Firemen Paolo Sterzi posted the video online in memory of his colleagues Matteo Castaldo, Antonio Candido and Antonio Triches who died in a farmhouse explosion in Quargnento, in the province of Alessandria in Italy on 5th November and it has now received 2.2 million views.

The three firefighters were killed after responding to an explosion at the farmhouse. As firefighters worked to put out the fire, a second blast went off and levelled the building.

Picture Credit: CEN/@paolo.sterzi.507

Two firefighters were confirmed dead, while a third was initially declared missing, Italy’s fire and rescue service said.

After hours of searching, firefighters found the body of their colleague buried underneath rubble from the collapsed building, the service said. Two more firefighters and a police officer suffered injuries.

In the video, Sterzi can be seen in full uniform playing Schubert’s “Ave Maria” on his violin.

Picture Credit:CEN

The three firemen were buried after a service at the cathedral of Alexandria attended by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Interior Minister, Luciana Lamorgese, the President of the region, Alberto Cirio, the Mayor Gianfranco Cuttica di Revigliasco.

Prosecutor Enrico Cieri said: “whoever prepared the explosion did it to kill.”

The owner of the farmhouse has reportedly given a list of possible suspects to investigators. The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been reported. No motive has been provided.

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