Viral:Chilean Protester Escapes From Five Cops On Bikes

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Video Credit: CEN/@Andresgamer6666

This is the viral moment a Chilean protester is chased by five cops on motorbikes but manages to escape after running rings around the hapless police officers.

The incident took place in the municipality of Providencia, in the central Chilean region of Santiago and went viral on Twitter, where it was viewed more than 1.18 million times.

In the video, a man, who has not been identified in reports, can be seen running down the street being chased by cops on motorbikes.

Picture Credit: CEN/@Andresgamer6666

He runs down a narrow alley but two cops ride down after him as onlookers shout “let him past, run!”. He then sprints past three other officers on bikes before turning back around and darting between the two-wheelers.

He jumps into a gardened area and appears to be cornered before finding an opening and jumping over the fence of the tower block the scenes are being recorded from.

The officers cannot appear to get over the fence at the end of the clip. It is unclear why the man was being chased.

Protesters had reportedly gathered outside a shopping centre in Providence s social unrest grips Chile. President Sebastian Pinera announced on Thursday increased surveillance and penalties for offenders in the protests.

And ‘Dj_Chile_’ wrote: “Do you see kids? We play tag without knowing that someday we would practice it in extreme circumstances.”

Netizen loved the video, such as ‘Palomissvcon’ added: “I can only say that in our country there are talents that education was unable to bring out, a lot of athletes, writers and also artists, what a way of self-promoting in this social explosion.”

Local media report that since the beginning of the social protests in Chile, more than 20 people have died and thousands have been arrested.

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