Huge Fight Breaks Out In Airport Shopping Centre

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@lkhsxc

This is the moment a huge brawl breaks at out at an international airport which saw two men arrested.

The scenes were reportedly recorded in the Jewel Changi Airport shopping centre located on the landside of Changi Airport in the city-state of Singapore.

In the video recorded by an onlooker, around a dozen people can be seen involved in the brawl with men and women on the floor.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@lkhsxc

Some of the women can be heard shouting “stop” as a man in a black t-shirt punches a rival in blue rucksack.

Local media report the police have confirmed they were called to the scene at around 11 am. Two men were arrested on suspicion of affray. Reports state both men had sustained minor injuries in the incident.

It is unclear if the suspects, aged 43 and 55, have been charged and the reasons for the fight remain unclear.

The fight reportedly took place in front of the American fast food chain A&W.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@lkhsxc

Netizen ‘Marcus Bot’ wrote: “God I rewatched this 100,000 times.”

And ‘Moe Dani’ wrote: “Singaporeans are barbarians when comes to food courts and public transport.”

The Jewel Changi Airport shopping centre receives around 300,000 visitors a day.

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