Veteran Cop Resigns Over Order To Get Vaccinated

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A veteran US cop is hanging up his badge after refusing to accept new requirements that force all police officers to be vaccinated.

Dave Gutierrez is currently a reserve police officer in San Jose, California, and has 30 years’ experience in the force, but says the requirement that he get the vaccine is not something he can comply with.

He worked as a homicide detective and then moved over to internal affairs as an investigator and finally a patrol supervisor before retiring in 2019, before returning later as a reserve officer.

But he has fallen foul of new rules that require all employees of San Jose including police officers to be vaccinated in order to ensure public safety.

As a result, he has stepped down, with his last shift taking place on Saturday, 18th September, and he sent a letter yesterday (Monday, 20th September) complaining about the requirement, which would result in disciplinary action and even dismissal.

He said that disciplinary action should be reserved for people who do something wrong, and he said he had not done anything wrong in deciding not to be vaccinated. He said it should be his choice what he puts in his body, and he does not want to have the vaccine.

He claims that although many people are anti-vaccine, he does not object to it for other people, but does not want it for himself because of his religious beliefs.

It was not specified what religion he is, but it’s reported that some 200 people have requested exemptions with many for religious reasons.

San Jose Director of Communications Carolina Camarena said the policy was introduced because the city wanted to protect its workers and vaccination was the best way to provide that protection.