UN-BALI-EVABLE: Social Media Reveals Truth About ‘Paradise’ On Indonesian Island Bali

Social media users have been showing truth and reality images of the island of Bali, which resembles hit-movie ‘Avatar’s’ fictional world, which might be a bit further from paradise than imagined.

A video posted by Instagram user ‘victoria_goulbourne’ shows a luxury complex she stayed in is astonishingly situated next to a tiny, muddy river.

In another video posted on TikTok, which has received almost 1 million views and over 45,000 likes, user ‘@kathryncritt’ unveiled what is behind the scenes of the popular tropical destination.

The young traveller comprised a short compilation which depicts the vast difference between what visitors might expect versus the unpleasant reality.

It starts off with a picturesque shot of the stunning seaside by the cliffs, much like the ones seen in the fictional water of the popular 2009 sci-fi movie ‘Avatar’.

But ‘@kathryncritt’ soon reveals that the wondrous nature of the Indonesian island is indeed too good to be true.

Just seconds later, the video transitions into a less-expected reality, which shows the destination jam-packed with tourists struggling to find a spot to take a picture alone.

And it seems it is difficult to get around during rush hour, with numerous vehicles getting stuck in the slow-moving traffic.

Long waiting lines continuously appear to form as dozens and hundreds of people align hoping to see the many attractions or catch a boat ride.

The paradise-like esthetic is also seemingly challenged by countless tiny buildings that have either turned to ruin or are under construction.

Other users doing the ‘expectation vs reality’ videos have further shattered the island’s dreamy image.

While the expectation seems to be a gorgeous lux cabin by the sea, a closer look inside proves it to be nothing more than a simple wooden cottage.

Although ‘@kathryncritt’ is refreshingly honest, she did note that Bali is still one of the prettiest places she has seen.

Despite it apparently not being the out-worldly location that some Instagrammers make it seem, she fully recommends visiting.