UK Businessman Saves Deadly Sea Snake During Dubai Beach Stroll At Night

The Scottish businessman living in Dubai who saved a stranded highly-venomous sea snake while strolling with his family on the beach at night has revealed that they risked being bitten because they “knew it would likely die”.

The video was filmed on Al Sufouh Beach in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates while business investor Ken Mack, 37, originally from Scotland, and his wife Victoria and their seven-year-old son were taking a walk on Friday night.

They came across the snake writhing in the sand and Mack estimated that it was over a metre (3.3 feet) long.

Ken Mack and his wife Victoria who found the snake on a Dubai beach. (Ken Mack/Newsflash)

Mack, whose background is in investing, mergers and acquisitions, told Newsflash: “We were taking an evening stroll along the beach and to our amazement there was a large snake by the shoreline. Although I knew it was extremely venomous, I knew if we didn’t help it the snake would likely die.

“I couldn’t have that in my conscious when I knew I could save it. I handled the snake around four times and the tide kept bringing it back to shore. The fifth time, we wrapped it around a pole and took it deep into the water to set it free and give it a chance of survival. It’s a living creature after all.”

The businessman, a presenter on a weekly show called ‘Ken Mack & Coach JV Financial Freedom Show’, told Newsflash: “It made me feel anxious, but very happy to have saved its life. Also, the night could have ended very badly if it bit me or a child!

Ken Mack who found the snake on a Dubai beach. (Ken Mack/Newsflash)

“I would advise anybody taking an evening stroll along the beach to exercise caution when it’s dark and remember we are not alone, this is their territory so we must respect nature.”

Mack said it is very rare to come across a snake on the beach in Dubai, adding: “I walk along there quite regularly and never saw anything like that before.

Dinesh Ramachandran, manager of the pest control company Rentokil, said the reptile was probably a Persian Gulf sea snake (Hydrophis lapemoides).

Ken Mack’s wife Victoria who found the snake on a Dubai beach. (Ken Mack/Newsflash)

Ramachandran added: “It is very rare to find one on a beach, especially in Dubai, but you need to be extremely careful around them as they are highly venomous.

“Thankfully their mouths are really small so it’s unlikely they will be able to do too much damage but, at the same time, it’s not a chance you really want to take.

“It’s important not to disturb them as they are often shy and won’t attack unless provoked.

Scottish man Ken Mack found a snake on Dubai beach and threw it in the water. (Newsflash)

“If you are unlucky enough to be bitten by one, it is vital you phone for an ambulance straight away to get treated.”

Ramachandran said the Persian Gulf sea snake was probably swept ashore by a particularly strong tide.

Persian Gulf sea snakes can be found in the Persian Gulf as well as from the Indian Ocean to the coasts of Thailand.