Cop Stops Traffic To Help Spooked Dog Cross Busy Road

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Video Credit: CEN/@BarmanSoyYo

This is the moment a kindhearted motorbike cop stops traffic on a busy road to help a woman rescue a poor stray dog and cross to the other side.

The incident was filmed by a motorist in the central Mexican capital Mexico City and posted on social media where it has been widely circulated.

In the footage, a motorbike cop is seen standing back as a woman struggles to move a spooked dog, trapped by the wall of a central reservation.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@BarmanSoyYo

The officer rushes to help her and together they start to drag the resistant pooch across the busy road.

The cop halts the traffic and halfway across, the stray dog starts cooperating and lets the woman, who had fashioned a lead out of a piece of rope. guide it to the other side of the road.

Once safely across, the officer runs back to his motorbike.

According to local media, over 500,000 cats and dogs are abandoned in Mexico every year. 

Many of them are bought as gifts for loved ones at Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but end up being abandoned a shortly afterwards.

It is estimated that there around 28 million domestic animals in the country with around 70 percent of them ending up on the streets.

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