Two Sex Assault Victims Recognise Alleged Attacker During TV News Reports About Murdered Schoolgirl

A man who admitted murdering an 11-year-old girl that he is also suspected of raping after walking her home from the beach has been accused of other sex attacks after women victims recognised his picture on local TV news reports.

The murder and suspected rape of schoolgirl Anielle Teixeira who was found wearing only a blouse took place in Joao Pessoa, a coastal city in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Paraiba.

The badly decomposed body was found in a forest in the area on Wednesday 8th September.

Little Anielle had been missing since the early hours of Sunday 5th September, after she left Cabo Branco beach on a bicycle with a man, at around 2 AM. Police say that the suspect was known to the victim, which may have helped him get her to trust him.

Military police soldier Joao Ribeiro is quoted by local media outlet Metropoles as saying that the suspect, named as Jose Alex de Silva, was detained shortly after the discovery of the young girl’s body.

He was apprehended at home and according to the soldier, he tried to flee upon being arrested. He has reportedly admitted to murder but denied rape, according to Police Chief Rodolfo Santa Cruz.

The young girl’s body was found in an advanced state of decomposition and wearing only a blouse, according to the police. An autopsy confirmed that she was strangled to death, evidenced by two fractured cervical vertebrae.

Tests to determine sexual violence are still ongoing, due to the body’s advanced state of decomposition.

Another Police Chief, Amindonzele Carneiro said that after de Silva’s arrest, at least two women came forwards after having seen his face on television, one claiming that he had raped her and the other claiming he tried to but she managed to flee, according to local media outlet Globo.

The alleged rape victim, who has not been named, claims that she was assaulted on 1st August on Bessa beach, in Joao Pessoa. She was with her boyfriend, also unnamed, at the time when they were allegedly approached by the suspect.

Both were tied up and she was allegedly raped. She later went to the police station to report it.

She saw the suspect’s face on television on 9th September and immediately went to the police station to identify him.

A second victim, also unnamed, has also come forwards after seeing the suspect’s face on television, according to the police.

The second assault took place on 21st August when the suspect is said to have broken into her home in the Miramar neighbourhood and assaulted her.

She claims that he tried to drag her to the bathroom to rape her but she managed to bite his finger and escape, calling for help. He is then said to have grabbed her again and they both fought, falling to the ground. After falling over, the suspect is said to have given up and fled, according to police chief Amindonzele Carneiro.

The investigation is ongoing.