Doctor Who Had Oral Sex With Unconscious Patients Betrayed By Sperm Found On Victims Shirt And Their Saliva On His Underwear

Sperm from a doctor in Germany accused of orally raping at least two women by placing his penis inside their mouth while they were still groggy from anaesthetic was found on one of the alleged victim’s shirts and her DNA in saliva on his underpants.

The doctor, an anaesthetist who has been named only as Nils T., 43, due to local privacy laws, is from Oelde, a town in the district of Warendorf, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

He is accused of having orally raped at least two women at the Sankt Elisabeth Hospital in Guetersloh, in the same German state. He is currently standing trial at the Bielefeld Regional Court.

The Sankt Elizabeth Hospital in the German city of Gutersloh where doctor Nils Nigel T., 43, allegedly raped anesthetized patients. (Sankt Elizabeth Hospital/Newsflash)

Molecular biologist Katja Kiel, 53, told the court that she had found suspicious traces of DNA, according to German daily Bild.

The expert is quoted as saying that they had “detected the victim’s saliva on the underpants” of the doctor. The amount was so large that a cause other than oral sex was inconceivable and traces of sperm from Nils T. were also found on the 37-year-old unnamed victim’s shirt.

The doctor has denied the allegations and explained the DNA build-up by saying that he treated the patient and then went to the toilet. But for the expert it was an explanation that “is out of the question”.

Police officers have also testified during the trial after they had found pornographic images and videos on the doctor’s hard drives, which, among other things, showed sex with apparently unconscious women.

Doctor Nils Nigel T., 43, who allegedly raped anesthetized patients in the Sankt Elizabeth Hospital in the German city of Gutersloh. (Newsflash)

Nils T. is alleged to have raped his victims immediately after operations. He is alleged to have assumed that the women were still under anaesthesia and were unaware of what was happening to them.

In December 2020, a victim who was apparently not so completely unconscious filed a complaint, according to Bild.

Nils T. was subsequently arrested at the clinic and his underwear, among other items, was seized by the authorities.

When the case became public, another woman reportedly came forward claiming she had also been raped.

The trial is ongoing. Nils T. faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.