Trolls Threaten 20 Models From Rammsteins Raunchy Vid

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Twenty Russian models who appeared in a raunchy video for a popular German rock band that features a number of staged sex acts in BDSM gear have claimed they are being threatened by a radical men’s group.

According to local media, 20 Russian women took part in the new video for German rock group Rammstein where they wore BDSM outfits and acted out various sex acts.

The widely-slammed video, dubbed ‘pornographic’ by many media reviewers, is for Rammstein’s 2019 single ‘Platz Eins’ (‘Number One’).

CEN/Lindemann Official

According to reports, after the raunchy video premiered, the names of the Russian women who starred in it were leaked online.

And now many of the women some of whom were acting in harmless parts of the video have allegedly been targeted by members of a radical men’s group in Russia called ‘Muzhskoye Gosudarstvo’ (‘Male State’) and are fearful for their lives.

Although not all the models appeared in the video’s more explicit scenes, they are all reportedly being trolled online and many have received threats.

CEN/Lindemann Official

One Russian model identified as Ekaterina said she received the following message: “You are f*cked. We will find you. I know where you study. You will regret this…”

She added: “To be honest, I am very scared. These people say they know my address. They are not afraid to write on public forums that they will lynch us. It is terrifying.”

Ekaterina said she has spoken with her lawyer who told her not to go to the police because they would only consider it a provocation, according to reports.

It is unclear if any of the other 20 targeted women have reported the alleged threats to the local authorities.

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