TRAGEDY OF MURDERED MUM: Hardworking Single Mother Gunned Down By Jilted Ex On Street

A single mum-of-two who defied death threats from her ex to go to work to be able to pay for her daughter’s first birthday party was shot dead as she waited for a bus.

Terrified Jenifer Cristina dos Santos Moreira, 20, was shot five times as she waited for the bus to take her to work in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the early hours of 20th October.

The prime suspect is her former partner, 35-year-old Alessandre Garcia da Silva, against whom she had an active restraining order.

Just hours before the shooting, he had sent a text to Jenifer saying he was going to kill her.

Jenifer Cristina dos Santos Moreira, 20, poses in undated photo. She was killed by her ex husband Alessandre Garcia da Silva, 35, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022. (Newsflash)

After the shooting, cold-blooded Garcia da Silva stole her phone as she lay dying so police would never find his deadly warning.

Jennifer had ended their relationship three months earlier and reported Garcia da Silva to police after he threatened her.

She was found by Military Police still alive in a pool of her own blood and was taken to Hospital Santa Marcelina but died from gunshot wounds.

Her funeral was held on 21st October.

Jenifer and Garcia da Silva had been in a relationship for two years and his threats to her were constant, said her family.

She had only started her new job nine days before she was killed.

Clayton Martins told local media how his cousin was threatened just hours before she was shot.

He said: “He texted her that he was going to end her life. Her sister saw the message, but we can’t prove it now because he took her mobile phone after the murder.

“My grandmother even told her not to go to work that day. But she said she couldn’t not go, not least because she needed the money for her daughter’s first birthday party [in January].”

Clayton added: “He said in the message that he was going to make our family cry before her birthday, 16th November, and that he was going to kill her.”

Garcia da Silva was found and arrested on 21st October. He reportedly confessed to the crime and was remanded in custody.

Jenifer leaves behind a nine-month-old daughter, whose father is Garcia da Silva, and an older daughter from a previous relationship.

It is not clear who will now care for them.