TIKTOK BLACKOUT STUNT HORROR: 12-Year-Old Choked Herself To Death Live On TikTok

A 12-year-old girl has died after taking part in the viral ‘blackout challenge’ on TikTok, her family has revealed.

A relative of victim Milagros Soto took to social media to tell how the schoolgirl was found dead after taking part in the challenge at her home in Capitan Bermudez, Argentina.

Above a photo of Milagros, Facebook user ‘Laura Luque’ wrote on 13th January: “Hello, everyone. My name is Lali. I’m going public with what I’m going through.

“This is Milagros, my little niece, who lost her life today doing a TikTok challenge.

“I ask you to please share this. My family and I are inconsolable.”

The so-called ‘blackout challenge’ has resulted in numerous fatalities all around the world.

People are encouraged to choke themselves for as long as possible until they pass out.

It is believed Milagros had been encouraged to take part in the challenge by her friends.

Officials investigating her death say that to carry out the challenge, participants “place an object around their neck to avoid breathing”.

They continued: “Once breathing is blocked, the objective is to faint due to lack of air.

“All of this is broadcast live on the networks and whoever achieves it advances in the game.

“In this case it did not work out and the minor died in the attempt.”

Teniente General Pablo Riccheri School said in a statement: “The school community accompanies the family of our student Milagros Soto at this terrible moment.

“We will always remember Mili as a great student, companion, sweet, good and kind-hearted.

“RIP and let perpetual light shine upon her.”

The investigation continues.