Teen Hacks Mum To Death With Cleaver For Killing Puppy

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Police have arrested a teenage boy for hacking his mother to death with a meat cleaver after she killed his puppy because he had done poorly at school.

Shao Fuming, 13, is accused of hacking his mother Yang Yan, 37, to death with a meat cleaver on the evening of 16th March, according to police in the county of Jianhu in Yancheng City in East China’s Jiangsu Province.

Authorities arrested him on 19th March after finding him at a restaurant, where he is said to have been calmly sipping water while eating biscuits.

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A neighbour named as Wang Ming told local media that the schoolboy had been raised by his mum while his father worked as a migrant worker elsewhere.

The incident is said to have happened after mother and son argued over his recent performances at school, with the quarrel escalating further when Yang picked up her boy’s puppy and threw it on the ground to its death in a bid to discipline him.

In a police statement of the teen’s arrest, investigators said the boy found his mother’s discipline to be “overly strict”, leading to an argument which ended with him hacking her to death and running away.

Her body was discovered by a neighbour living across the street who found bloodstains on the ground.

Local authorities say they are still investigating the incident and have yet to bring formal murder charges against the minor.

Children aged between 14 and 16 can be held criminally responsible in mainland China in cases involving murder or for causing other forms of intentional injury, including but not limited to rape, arson or robbery. The suspect being only 13, it is unclear how authorities will proceed with the case.