11-Foot Python Captured In School

Story ByAlex CopeSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@jpam.sriaman

This is the 11-foot python which was spotted by a school cook slithering around the premises as the children were eating.

The huge python was found at the SMK Lingga secondary school in the district of Sri Aman, in Southern Malaysia’s Sarawak State.

Local media report the school cook spotted the massive reptile while having a tea break.

She then told a security guard who alerted the Civil Defence Force (APM). A team of Civil Defence agents were sent to the scene and local media report they took 20 minutes to capture the python, which had hidden itself in a drain.

The snake measured 3.5 metres (11.4 feet) and weighs 13 kilograms (28 lbs). The reptile was spotted as the majority of the children at the secondary school were eating lunch.

In the photos, the APM officers can be seen posing with the huge snake.

Local media report the APM officers will take the reptile to their operation room and use it to help train staff in how to catch and handle snakes.

Reports state snakes caught in the area are often killed and used as a source of food but the reptile in question here will not meet that fate.

It is unclear what species of python the snake is.