Tearful Venezuela 11yo Tortured By Army Over Xmas Prank

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News 

Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment a tearful 11-year-old Venezuelan boy reveals he was allegedly tortured by a Lieutenant of the National Army after stealing two nativity scene sheep from a school.

The footage shows the minor, whose identity has not been reported but is 11 years old, claiming 36-year-old lieutenant Anderson Arellano of the Bolivarian National Guard of Venezuela, one of the four components of the National Armed Forces of Venezuela, tortured him.

The incident allegedly took place in the town of San Tome in the state of Anzoategui in north-eastern Venezuela.

Picture Credit:CEN

According to local media, the child was caught with another minor by Arellano and a colleague, whose name is unknown, taking two sheep figures from a nativity scene displayed in the Hugo Chavez Troop Training School of the National Guard of Venezuela.

The boy says in the video: “Lieutenant Arellano put my head in a water bucket with my hands behind my back, he electrocuted me, grabbed me by the head and slapped me so hard that I fell to the floor. They grabbed me by the ears and started hitting my head against the wall.”

The minor adds: “They threatened me that if I told my parents they would turn into the doll in my nightmares.”

The other boy was also allegedly tortured but his name is unknown, according to local media.

The Director of the Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigation Corps Commissioner Douglas Rico announced on social media that an official investigation has been launched. No arrests have been reported.

The Coordinator of the Venezuelan NGO CECODAP for the protection of children Carlos Trapan demanded the case be investigated and condemned any kind of torture against children.

Trapani wrote on Twitter: “We reject any act of torture or violence against a child. We demand that the Public Prosecutor investigates this case and apply the corresponding sanctions. From CECODAP we are sending a warning about a pattern of repression and torture seen in the state security agencies”

NGO CECODAP reported 267 homicides of children and adolescents by police or military officials in 2018 in Venezuela.

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