Super Strong Stray Dog Sends Mototaxi Tumbling Over

Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@mdparcona

This is the moment a super strong pooch runs into a mototaxi and sends it tumbling over onto its side before scampering away seemingly unharmed.

The incident was filmed in the district of Parcona in the western Peruvian province of Ica and was later shared on social media.

The driver of the mototaxi, a three-wheeled vehicle common in Peru, suffered minor injuries and was cared for by paramedics at the scene.

Meanwhile, there have been no further updates on the condition of the dog, which escaped after hitting the vehicle.

In the video footage, a pack of dogs is seen running across a bustling street.

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Picture Credit: CEN/@mdparcona

Just as a burgundy-and-cream-coloured mototaxi approaches, a black dog is seen running across the road in front of it.

The dog hits the front of the three-wheeled vehicle hard and the vehicle overturns on its side and skids along the road.

Meanwhile, the dog is seen flailing as it rolls along the tarmac and is nearly squashed by the overturning mototaxi.

However, the powerful pooch makes a swift recovery and runs off down an alley.

Meanwhile, a motorist and three cabbies stop to help the injured taxi driver and roll his vehicle back onto its wheels.

According to local media, the taxi driver only suffered minor injuries and there were no passengers in his vehicle at the time.

Netizen ‘Mirian Moemi Tanta Carlos’ said: “I am worried about both of them, but they should look for the dog to check it is okay.”

‘Lorena Fuentes Martinez’ wrote: “The local authorities should do something about stray dogs, things could have been a lot worse if there were kids in the mototaxi.”

‘Svana Herrera Cerron’ commented: “I am pleased that the dog appears to be okay.”

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