Neymar Denies Tax Investigation Reports

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Neymar has issued a statement denying reports the Spanish tax authorities are investigating the payment of one of his Barcelona bonuses or his transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo had reported that the Spanish tax office have asked the Barcelona Labour Court for all the documentation involved in the case in which Neymar and the club are trying to settle their outstanding debts.

El Mundo reported the tax authorities were investigating whether the player’s renewal with Barcelona and his subsequent world-record transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) were taxed properly in Spain.


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The newspaper reported the intervention had been ordered to determine if Neymar paid the correct taxes on his 64.4-million-EUR (55.32-million GBP) renewal bonus and on his 222-million-EUR (190-million GBP) transfer to PSG.

However, the Brazilian superstar, through his agency NR Sports, has denied the claims, releasing a statement which reads: “NR Sports clarifies that no investigation procedure has been opened on the part of the Spanish tax authorities against Neymar Jr. What happened, in fact, is that the Spanish Tax Agency asked the Barcelona Labour Court to communicate to them the result of the action of a trial which will take place on 21st March. In other words, the Tax Agency wants to continue to be informed of the outcome of the process.

“Another issue commented on by the press is the values concerning Neymar’s transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain. The values feature in the tax return presented to the Spanish authorities in 2018, referring to the 2017 fiscal year.”

Neymar lived in Spain for over 183 days in 2017 and therefore had to declare all his income from both Barcelona and PSG as a tax resident in the country.

Barcelona reportedly made the first payment of 23.7 million EUR (20.36-million-GBP) to Neymar for his renewal bonus and the Brazilian’s subsequent transfer left the rest of the bonus outstanding.

The Catalan club refused to pay the second amount and are now asking for the return of the entire bonus with interest, as well as a fine for damages which total around 75 million EUR (64 million GBP), according to El Mundo. 

Neymar is asking for the rest of his bonus to be paid with interest. The trial to determine the case will be held on 21st March.

The case is ongoing.

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