Stunning Russian Blogger Tells Of Toddler Cancer Fears

Story By:  Ginger MahotchinaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/@mezenova

A stunning Russian Instablogger has thanked people for helping raise cash to treat her son a day after she revealed that he has a huge birthmark that could become cancerous.

Ekaterina Mezenova has spoken of her heartache with her 862,000 Instagram followers where she explained why after her son was born she had never previously shared any pictures.

Speaking of the birth, which was one and a half years ago, she said that when she first saw her infant son she noticed straight away hair and moles of different sizes and colours all over his tiny body, on his back, neck, head, face and hands.

She said for the first week she cried into her pillow, but then she fought to overcome the despair and decided at all costs to do everything possible to help her son, and give him a full and happy life.

Picture Credit: CEN/@mezenova

The beautiful Russian mum said: “The room was filled with nurses, obstetricians, therapists, geneticists-all crowded around my baby, discussing his feature, which occupied almost the entire surface of the skin.

“Later it was established that it was a nevus, that is, a giant birthmark, and that this came with a huge cancer risk. Any damage to the skin, either chemical or physical, or even hormones or any any other changes in the body can provoke skin cancer.”

She said that she had to wait until the sums on before it was possible to do anything and a day ago she started a fundraising effort and collected 30 million RUB (366,597 GBP) to cover part of the medical operations in Israel.

Picture Credit: CEN/@mezenova

She added that the Israeli doctors they contacted they would not be able to remove all of the birthmarks, but they can do enough to eliminate the risk of cancer and give him a chance of a normal life.

She said however that is not an easy process, and could take up to 7 years to complete the treatment.

She was given widespread support not just by those who donated money but also from people who voiced their thoughts like Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina Todorenko turned to the blogger saying: “It’ll work out! I believe in it!”

Picture Credit: CEN/@mezenova

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