Students Given Pork Belly, Raw Carp And Sugar Cane For Successfully Completing Term

The bizarre footage shows schoolchildren being given pork belly, raw carp, and sugar cane for successfully completing the term.

Smartphone footage recorded at the Lankao Qihang Primary School. In the city of Kaifeng, in China’s east-central Henan province, shows fourth-graders waiting in line on 23rd January.

The video further portrayed them approaching a teacher who can be seen handing them raw fish as a reward for successfully finishing their semester.

One of the children’s parents, identified as Ms Fu, said that she felt really happy when she saw her daughter and son bring home the prizes, which will come in handy for the Chinese New Year.

She said: “My daughter got fish and my son got sugar cane.”

Students are fish as rewards at the end of the primary school term. In Kaifeng, China, on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024. They also got pork belly and sugar cane. (@dy2f2r4jk9d7/AsiaWire)

The video was liked more than 33,000 times and shared another 16,000. After it emerged on China’s version of TikTok, Douyin, later that day.

It prompted a wave of comments from social media users who could not hold back from expressing their thoughts.

Douyin user ‘mint cloud’ said: “What would they use sugarcane for?”

Then user ‘If I become a demon’ commented: “When we went to school, we were given pens, pencil cases, schoolbags and umbrellas.”

And ‘Second Sister Liu’ added: “This is definitely a case of parents taking advantage of their children so they can eat fish.”