START YOUR ENGINES: Moment Pricey Ferrari F50 Worth Millions Needs A Push To Get It Going In Brazil

This is the moment an expensive Ferrari F50 worth millions – said to be the only one in Brazil – is given a much-needed push to get it started before it eventually roars off down the road.

The supercar, said to be worth BRL 30 million (GBP 4.73 million) and the only one in all of Brazil, according to local media, needed some help getting off the starting block at a petrol station on Avenida Europa in Sao Paulo.

The Ferrari F50 originally cost about USD 876,000 (GBP 732,600) in today’s money back in 1997 but versions of the iconic car in good condition have been known to fetch over USD 5 million (GBP 4.18 million) at auction.

People push a Ferrari car until they get it running in Sao Paulo, Brazil, undated video. The car reportedly costs about USD 5.5 million. (@exoticsbrazil/CEN)

But this version is said to be a rare 1995 pre-production version that is even rarer than the 349 cars built in 1997. Local media reported that the manual gearbox was showing signs of wear and tear, with the footage showing at least five people from the petrol station giving the luxury Italian car a push.

In the video, one of the attendants can be heard shouting “Acelera, patrao!”, which translates loosely as “Put your foot down, boss!”