Starbucks Customers Cheat Death As Window Falls On Table

Story ByJohn FengSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire / Jerry Qian

This is the moment a Starbucks customer and his friend “cheat death” when they dodge a loose shopping centre window as it crashes onto their table from above.

CCTV footage dated 2nd November shows Jerry Qian and his friend sitting in the outdoor seating area of the Starbucks in Shanghai’s Putuo District, in East China, when the windowpane falls from the 100 AM Mall above.

The friends both look up mid-conversation and jump away from the table as the tinted window falls from above, crashing onto their table and knocking their coffee onto the floor.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire / Jerry Qian

In the video, the pair are left stunned as other Starbucks customers gather around to inspect the window, which appears to have remained intact after the impact.

The customers were not harmed during the incident.

Mr Qian, 39, told local media: “We were drinking coffee when the window crashed down from above. A staff member pushed the window open and it fell.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire / Jerry Qian

“It must not have been installed properly, or there was some sort of defect.

“My friend heard a small creak when the window opened, then we dodged it as the window came down.

“We cheated death. We’re terrified, psychologically scarred.

“Our demands are very simple: make improvements to protect consumers, and make a formal public apology.”

Mr Qian said he spoke to a representative of Amara, the Singapore property group which owns 100 AM Mall, but the employee was not able to give him any assurances that his demands would be met.

Amara, which owns a chain of shopping centres, hotels, and five-star resorts, has yet to respond publically to the incident.

Mr Qian said he planned to take legal action against Amara as well as Starbucks.

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