Snappers Family Portraits Through Windows In Lockdown

These are the touching family photos in lockdown taken through their windows by portrait photographer struggling for work in the coronavirus pandemic.

The snaps were taken by photographer Annabel Jeuring from the municipality and city of Enschede in the eastern Netherlands after she needed to find a way to provide for her family and still adapt to the country’s quarantine laws.

The Netherlands began social distancing regulations on 8th March and 23rd March announced the prohibition of all events and gatherings of three people or more who do not live int he same household until 1st June.

Newsflash/Annabel Jeuring

Jeuring began the ‘Through the Glass’ project to capture this unique moment in history, contacting people to take their family portrait through their windows.

She told Newsflash: “As a photographer, it is only natural to want to capture this bizarre and unique moment in time. It is history in the making. I think it’s great that I can capture this special period. I am very curious about how we will look back at this time when everything is hopefully back to normal.

“I try to capture the bizarre situation we are in. Families “locked-in” in their homes just like me.”

Newsflash/Annabel Jeuring

She added: “Especially in the first week of the isolation measures. People were restless and anxious, not knowing what was going to happen. I now notice that people relax and accept the situation. My photos are a bright spot of optimism in this difficult time with a lot of negative news. “

Jeuring, who is a mother of four children between the ages of 2 and 10, admits that it is difficult to manage her time between taking pictures, making money, kids, homework, housekeeping, but she believes that wee will all manage to get through these difficult times.

She has been a professional photographer since 2005 after graduating from the art academy in Enschede. Her photos can be seen on her website at the moment but she hopes to see them in a gallery when the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Newsflash/Annabel Jeuring

She added: “I would very much like to see the photos in a book, looking back with stories of the people portrayed. What did the period bring you or what did it cost you? And what moments do you miss now that life has returned back to normal?”

The Netherlands has suffered 6,440 cases of the virus with 357 deaths according to the latest information from the Johns Hopkins University.

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