Teacher Takes Care Of 18 Year Old Students Baby So She Can Study In Class

These touching images show a teacher taking care of the baby of one of his students so that she can study in class.

The student shared a photograph showing her teacher holding her baby in class and captioned it with a thank you note which has since notched up nearly 10,000 likes at the time of writing.

The incident took place at Escuela Media No. 1 (High School No. 1) in the town of Brandsen, which is located in Buenos Aires Province in Argentina.

Teacher takes care of the baby of the student Ludmila Disante so that she could study at class in Argentina. (@ludmila.yazmin.90/Newsflash)

Ludmila Disante, 18, was encouraged to drop out of high school and focus on raising her child when she became pregnant but she refused, deciding to return to school only three months after giving birth.

Her daughter Pilar, who is now three months old, went to school with her and her Political Economy teacher, named in local media reports as Federico Tenreyro, offered to hold the baby so that she could focus on the class, which was a special catch-up class taking place on a Saturday.

But Saturdays were the only day when Ludmila could not find a babysitter, and she was unsure about being able to attend.

Ludmila Disante from Argentina when she was pregnant. (@ludmila.yazmin.90/Newsflash)

However, the teacher reportedly told her: “Come anyway, I’ll wait for you. I have five children. We are going to find a way to take care of her so that you can study.”

And sure enough, the kind teacher can be seen holding his student’s baby during the class, allowing her to focus on learning.

She shared the photograph of the moment on social media and said: “I would like to thank this teacher who held my baby for me while I was studying. He is great, all schools should have teachers like this.

Ludmila Disante (left) from Argentina when she was pregnant, in a photo with a man (right). (@ludmila.yazmin.90/Newsflash)

“So that all the girls who are mums and want to finish their studies can, the truth is that I have no words to thank this teacher.”

She added: “And on top of that, he took care of her while I was studying, he also made her sleep. I applaud you, teacher, you are really great! They should be more teachers like this, so that all mums can finish school.”

Her post had nearly 10,000 likes at the time of writing since being published on 30th October. The story has recently emerged in local media, with local media outlet TN explaining that Ludmila had first shared it on WhatsApp before being encouraged to share it on Facebook, where it quickly went viral.