Sicko Chops Helpless Kitty Cats Leg With Axe

Story ByAngjela TrajkovskaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN


Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a sick sadist pins a helpless kitty cat to a chopping block and hacks the poor moggy’s paw with a huge axe.

The man, named as Peter Geshev, was arrested after filming himself carrying out the sick stunt in the village of Godlevo in the Razlog area of south-western Bulgaria’s Blagoevgrad Province.

The footage shows Geshev grab the cat and hold it down on a large block of wood before lifting the heavy axe high into the air with his other hand.

Pictures Credit: CEN

He brings it down with a heavy thump, allegedly cutting the animal’s leg, before it manages to wriggle free and escape his clutches.

Geshev can be heard in the video saying: “I cut her leg.”

The cat managed to run away but local media reports it was so badly injured it died four days later, after being taken to a vet who was unable to save it.

Police later arrested Geshev after the video was posted on Facebook but there was anger after he was released just 24 hours later.

A Bulgarian animal welfare organisation, called ‘DOG Help – BG’, condemned the incident and urged prosecutors to charge Geshev.

Spokesman Radoslav Rangelov said: “In our opinion, this young man is dangerous and could even harm a person.

“We hope he will be permanently detained and receive the most severe conviction, according to the law.” 

Prosecutors now look set to charge Geshev after receiving more than 40 complaints from animal lovers about the incident.

Spokeswoman Yordanka Sharkova confirmed that pretrial proceedings had been initiated.

Netizen ‘Kamber Mrycev’ commented: “This one is ready to go straight to prison”, while ‘Krasimir Nikolaev Kolchev’ added: “I hope you die in pain.”