Sick Vets Juggle And Bounce Dogs Balls On Floor

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

These veterinary nurses have been suspended after videos of them juggling and bouncing a dog’s castrated testicles on the floor were posted online.

The bizarre scenes were reportedly recorded by staff at the Ohana VetCare clinic in the Pasir Ris area in the East Region of Singapore and two nurses have now been suspended.

PicturesCredit: AsiaWire

In the video, the staff can be seen handling the castrated testicle and throwing them onto the floor as one of them says “bounce, bounce”.

A caption on the screen reads: “Bouncing testicles.”

Video Credit: AsiaWire

Another clip shows one of the nurses laughing as she juggles with the testicles and the captions “HAHAHS THE SH*T WE DO” and “I can juggle the balls” appear on screen.

Another clip reportedly uploaded by a nurse named Janice appears to show staff mocking a cat with its ears removed by clapping next to its head.

PicturesCredit: AsiaWire

Local media report the surgical removal of the cat’s ears left it deaf.

However, it is unclear why the cat’s ear were removed.

A post from the clinic in the wake of the videos named the staff members as Janice and Leandra. The clinic initially said they would not terminate the workers’ contracts as it was simply an issue of “immaturity”.

However, they have now confirmed that the two nurses have been suspended with immediate effect as they investigate the video.

It is unclear if the suspension is permanent or temporary.

Netizen Dalia Szeretet wrote: “The easiest way out of this mess is to immediately terminate the Nurses responsible for the videos. What they have done is inexcusable, and much condemned. The Nurses should be ashamed and accountable for their actions… Their actions are no less than animal abusers. (sic)”

While ‘Rakinah Allie’ wrote: “Counselling and suspension isn’t enough. Animal cruelty is punishable by law and the nurses should be handed over to the authorities.”

It is unclear if a criminal investigation has been launched.

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