Hitmen Disguised As Cop And Doc Kill Crook In Hospital

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This is the moment two suspected hitmen disguise themselves as a medic and a cop to gun down a prisoner who had been taken to hospital after surviving a jailhouse shooting.

The incident took place in the Delfina Torres hospital located in the city of Esmeraldas, in the north-western Ecuadorian province of the same name and the criminals managed to bypass security.

The CCTV camera footage seen here shows the moment the suspects – one dressed in the white coat of a doctor and another in a police officer’s uniform – walking into the hospital unhindered during the shooting that happened on Sunday.


They are then seen being escorted to the floor where Alex Lugo Saltos, 33, the victim, was recovering from surgery to remove two bullets after being attacked in jail.

According to local media, the victim – who was serving a 26-year sentence for murder – had been shot by his cellmate in the back and in the leg.

In a flash, the two men are seen pulling out their guns and pointing them at a man who was sitting on a chair in the corridor, forcing him to lay down on the floor.


The two men are then filmed apparently searching the recovery room until they found Lugo Santos and shot him dead.

A woman who was in the room where the victim was located is seen running away in terror

Meanwhile, a police officer also fled the scene after the thugs stole his gun before fleeing.

The suspects were identified with the initials of L.A.G.P and J.E.S and were arrested on Sunday.

They are currently being held in custody.

According to official sources, J.E.S was arrested also in 2016 for homicide. L.A.G.P., was arrested in 2015 for illegal weapons possession.

Police seized two submachine guns and a gun believed to be the one stolen from the police officer.

According to local media, the murder of the prisoner could be linked with a war between rival gangs Los Choneros and Los Lagartos.

The investigation is ongoing.

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