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Sexiest Weather Girl Works Out In Pink Lycra

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@lasobrideperez

This is the moment Argentina’s sexiest weather girl Sol Perez works out her thighs and backside in the gym while wearing figure-hugging pink Lycra.

The blonde stunner, who is currently appearing in a theatre show in the eastern Argentine coastal resort of Mar del Plata, shared the clip for her 3.9 million Instagram followers.

In the footage, Perez is seen performing squat jumps in the gym while wearing fetching Lycra.

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Picture Credits: CEN/@lasobrideperez

Nearly 400,000 people have seen the video in the first 12 hours of publication.

Perez recently scored another online hit with a cheeky snap of her dressed as a bare-bummed showgirl.

In the photo, 25-year-old Perez is seen with her back to the camera while dressed as a sexy dancer.

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Picture Credits: CEN/@lasobrideperez

The weather girl’s stunning outfit barely covers her nether regions and her pert bottom takes centre stage.

Remarkably, the Argentine star thought that her fans would be more focused on her hands than her bare bum.

She accompanied the image with the bizarre message: “Explain to me how my hand came out looking so weird!”

When TV presenter David Kavlin recently asked Perez about the criticism surrounding online influencers who always show too much flesh, the weather girl responded: “I should not have to cover myself up to make others feel good.

“It is affecting our freedom. The problem is the people who pay too much attention. If a man wants to objectify you, he will objectify you.”