Magic 1M-USD Throne Booked By Fatcats In Bid To Cash In

Video Credit: CEN/@alexey_sergienko

The throne filled with a million dollars that was exhibited by a Russian billionaire last week has now been booked to appear at international financial forums and events where participants will be encouraged to sit on it to absorb its ‘wealth energy’.

The ‘Money throne x10’ was created by billionaire businessman Igor Rybakov in collaboration with Russian artist Alexey Sergienko.

The throne went on display at the Art Residence in the western Russian capital Moscow and visitors were encouraged to sit on the 1 million USD (989,600 GBP) to absorb its ‘wealth energy’.

Picture Credit: CEN/@rybakov_igor

The 47-year-old billionaire explained on social media: “The money throne X10 multiplies anything that one thinks or feels on it by 10.

“If you think of anything bad, it will immediately multiply it by 10, so be careful with your thoughts and feelings on that throne.”

Visitors to the ‘Money throne x10’ display included Russian models, actors and TV stars.

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova said: “I need money for projects and that is why I am trying to absorb the money energy. I really hope it makes me rich soon.”

Visitors were also presented with a ‘Rybakov Dollar’ which consisted of an encased one-dollar bill encased with the billionaire’s autograph on it that is already said to have a market value of 1,000 USD (762 GBP), according to reports.

Picture Credit: CEN/@rybakov_igor

According to reports, the throne has since been booked to appear at various international financial forums and events, and is being readied to transmit its ‘wealth energy’ around the world.

Rybakov is known for his eccentric stunts, such as showering an audience with 20,000 USD (15,240 GBP) in cash, and he encourages others to seek financial success.

The married father-of-four is a founder of TechnoNICOL Corporation, Russia’s largest producer of roofing and insulation systems, and is said to be one of the 100-odd Russians who have become billionaires under Vladimir Putin’s leadership.

Picture Credit: CEN/@rybakov_igor

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