Sex Tape Blackmailer Raped With Cucumber By Girls Mum

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, AgencyNewsflash

A teenage boy who threatened to release sex tapes of his girlfriend when she dumped him had the tables turned when he was kidnapped and abused with a cucumber so the girl’s family had footage to blackmail him with.

The scandal started when the teenager, 17, was dumped by his 18-year-old girlfriend and told her that if she ever went off with anyone else, he would release pictures and videotapes that he had of her naked.

When the 39-year-old woman from the Dutch city of Schiedam found out, she arranged for the boy to be kidnapped together with her partner, brother and a family friend who took him to a storeroom where they sexually humiliated him with a cucumber.


They also forced him to lick milk from a saucer like an animal.

The group had bundled the teenager into a car after kidnapping him outside the supermarket where he worked.

In the storeroom, he spent around 90 minutes having to perform sexual acts on himself with a cucumber, which were filmed by his kidnappers.


The mother and her three accomplices have been sentenced to 18 months in prison after prosecutors asked for a 30-month term.

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