Ex Cop Tortured And Murdered By Man He Helped Jail

Story By: Les Steed, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A scrap metal scavenger kidnapped and tortured an elderly dog walker when he realised it was the person that had reported him for driving without a licence four years previously.

The accused has remained silent during his ongoing ten-day trial in Dessau, East Germany, that started on Wednesday, 16 September.

But prosecutors told the court that the 54-year-old from the neighbouring town of Seyda is accused of murder after he was identified through DNA analysis.


Investigators decided to carry out DNA testing after finding genetic material on the body and narrowed the accuse down from 1,900 suspects tested as part of their 13-month investigation.

The brutal murder is believed to be motivated by the fact about the victim, Wolfhard Lamberti, had testified against the accused for driving without a license four years ago, according to his widow, Barbara, 75. He was eventually jailed for the offence.

The unnamed defendant has 16 criminal convictions to date for crimes including grievous bodily harm, theft and driving without a license.

Lamberti disappeared while walking his dog, Findus, in the town of Zahna, East Germany, on Sunday 26th January 2019. His wife had realised something was wrong when their dog returned home without him.


His disappearance set off a search involving helicopters and 70 volunteers.

It is alleged that the accused man seized the opportunity to gain revenge when he met the dog walker in the early hours of the morning.

According to the prosecution, the defendant then took Mr Lamberti to his property and tortured him for hours in his basement during which he broke several of the old man’s ribs.

That night he drove his dying victim back to Zahna and threw him in a freezing ditch in which Lamberti finally drowned.


Lamberti’s body was found the next day with green transport netting wrapped around his feet to make it look like he had become entangled and fallen.

The defendant faces life imprisonment if convicted

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